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"When should you shoot a cop?"

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Interesting video I found. Just curious to hear some more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ9w1HHRMQw&feature=player_embedded

Not trying to break security culture. I figure if you are on a Anarchy 101 site most likely you are already being watched. Don't answer if you don't feel comfortable.

I'm not asking if you would do it. just to clarify.

I dont necessarily like all the dialogue, or the images but i think it would be interesting to have a dialogue.
asked Aug 21, 2013 by mcsquared (320 points)
When you can get away with it? Really, what kind of question is this? Are we supposed to be like, "hecka shoot pigs all the tymez, but don't get caught! ;p lol"?

Especially given that the dude in the video is definitely not an anarchist, if we are to take his lines of reasoning seriously. I don't know if there was a punch line at the end, because it was too stupid to keep watching, and I wanted a snack.

It'd be cool if at the end he'd been all like, "jk - the right anser is when it is necessary!" But I doubt that is what happened.

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The video overflows with the usual rhetorical flourishes of a Libertarian, who would never consider doing what he says other people should do. What possible benefit for anarchists comes from a dialogue with pro-property minarchists? As you can hear from the video, it's all about rights and laws and bad people, with a few nods to something he calls "the ruling class." Nothing about the institutions the state relies on to maintain class power other than to mention excesses and the imposition those excesses represent to ... what, exactly?

Self-preservation and self-defense are assumptions to most anarchists. The video doesn't really go beyond that, but instead tries to shock folks with the slippery slope of police abusing their legally sanctioned power to Hitler and Stalin. Really sophisticated argumentation, dude.

Libertarians are annoying for a thousand and one reasons, and the video is just one more example.
answered Aug 21, 2013 by lawrence (20,630 points)
I agree hole heartedly. it was sent to me via Facebook. I guess I was more curious as to the on the ground aspect rather than the philosophical. The obvious answer would be whenever you feel abused (if you don't care what they will do to you). I'm not quit sure how to express my explanation. hmm here goes. So everyone knows those people that say "its gonna keep on getting worse until anything changes," or i get "I'm just gonna wait till the streets are on fire." Both of these usually suggest that, although I may want an anti authoritarian society, im to comfortable, scared, or segregated to attempt to achieve it. I'll just realize it in my dreams when I fall asleep reading god and the state or crimethinc, or a zine, or Kropotkin or Goldman (at least my friends). I guess I'm just not sure as to how much abuse people (myself included) can take before they snap. Is it just gonna be one postal worker at a time, where the media can turn them into lunatics or is there like a peoples barometer. halfway joking there. Theories.

Also I looked through a lot of his stuff and its pretty much like that. But I think its meant to target non anarchists. He calls himself an anarchist. he has a book, I wonder if its any different. Any how, I wrote a zine to my family who is extremely mormon, about how jesus was an anarchist. obviously there are many critiques on that, but I just wanted to highlight some things to help them to see my point of view. I would hate to be judged or critiqued by an anarchist on that one text.