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how to oppose the state & capitalism w/o resorting to a dichotomous critique b/t social/political, natural/artificial?

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how to we oppose the state & capitalism without resorting to a critique that creates a dichotomy between social/political, good/bad, natural/artificial?

by which i mean, how do we struggle against the state and oppose an anarchism that simply resorts to essentialism with regard to "humans are naturally cooperative or social" and the "state is artificial"?
(not that i am personally opposed to a considering humans as cooperative and social creatures, but that the dichotomy is pointed out by many as an essentialist argument that limits and determines what a thing is or will become.)
asked Jun 20, 2013 by emma (2,090 points)
i think this site already has plenty of answers that argue against "humans are naturally good" thinking.
i think a lot of the responses to crime and violence questions indicate that it isn't that violence won't occur anymore (for example) but that the responses to it will able to be more varied, flexible, and appropriate to the situation.

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dichotomous. I've read 1,000's of books and i haven't seen that word til now. Good one! So yes, we live in a bit of a bipolar world, now don't we? But let us address the history of those polarities. I am pro-criticism because an Anarchist is the only authentic critic. We were and will be social without politics. Good and bad is artificial in relation to morality because morality is decided by religionists and conformists. There is no right and wrong, and no truth and false. But I tell you this, Anarchy is superior to government. You can agree or disagree. Socialism without capitalism is better than meaningless money-worship. You can disagree or agree. What's natural or artificial is how you see it to be. To a christian, baby jesus is natural and or real. To an atheist he's artificial or a paradigm. Anarchy brings the contradictions together, ends the competition, and disengages the hostility and petty rivalry. In regards to essentialism, man can only do so much, so my sense of humor see comedy in the long distance relationships that are modern day politics. The fiat money system is the funniest joke of the last 60 years. And socially, entertainers carry more word-by-word weight than the first 22 presidents contemporaneously. Bad press is good press to the miley cyrus' in need of publicity. so it's not differences that will cause uprisings. It's essentialism that will cause peace.
answered Oct 28, 2013 by Anarchy1001 (-150 points)