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Where can you find science in society

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asked 2 years ago by anonymous
as ready as i always seem to be to pontificate on the ubiquity (and iniquity) of science, i expect you would get more answers if you fleshed out your question a bit.
2 years ago by dot (48,500 points)

1 Answer

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where can you NOT find science in society?

think about it. modern society is completely dependent upon, among other things (and just off the top of my head):   electricity, long distance travel, communications and computing technology, refrigeration, social engineering, mass production, technological medicine, industrial agriculture, ... even shit like so-called "forest management". this list could go on for days...

please, elaborate on this question, as the answer as it has been asked is far too obvious.
answered 1 year ago by funkyanarchy (5,100 points)

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