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Is it true you do not allow self-proclaimed anarcho/capitalist from asking questions?

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My question is above. Thanks.

asked Oct 21, 2012 by anonymous

2 Answers

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no, it is not true. anyone can ask questions.
answered Oct 21, 2012 by dot (52,080 points)
Most of the people who post here regularly are pretty hostile towards anarcho-capitalists, so while an-caps are welcome to post, they are also likely to get a particular sort of response. That said, I've had some interesting exchanges here with the not-anarchists (ie anarcho-capitalists).
off topic and trolling i guess, but usually if someone tells me they are an anarcho-capitalist i ask them, "so you mean you are a libertarian capitalist, like i'm a libertarian communist?" usually does the trick.
yeah, they might wanna go to right wing "libertarian" sites instead. also i reade there are "fascist anarchist" who call themselves "national anarchists". they deserve the same hostility
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As far as I'm aware, "anarcho"-capitalists can ask whatever questions they want.

I've only seen some cases where their ANSWERS have been removed, likely because libertarian capitalist theory/ideology has almost nothing in common with any modern or classical tendency of anarchism - and so having an-caps answering questions on this site makes about as much sense as having Marxist-Leninists answering questions on this site.
answered Oct 29, 2012 by Rice Boy (8,690 points)
or fascists and nazis for the same reason.