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Differences between anarcho - /communism, /collectivism and /syndicalism

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I'm very confused lately with all these adjectives that are used for describing anarchism. So, I'd just like someone to tell me if I'm on the right road. Difference between anarcho communism and anarcho collectivism is basicaly in their motto, which is 'to each accoding to labor' for communism and for collectivism 'to each according to need'.

This means that in collectivism people would be able to take anything they need as long as they contribute to community, while in communism they would get coupons ( based on their work done ) that can be used to 'buy' things.

Syndicalism, on the other hand, is something in between and the only difference from collectivism is that communes would have power over means of productions and not individuals themselves. Which would mean that one must be part of commune to use means of production, and it would be almost impossible to leave outside the community. Syndicalism also focuses on workers and people who work on productivity ( agriculture, industry etc.) and not people who work for community ( doctors for example) ( and i'm not saying they exclude them, but their main focus is on productivity of communes)

Am I missing something important ?
Could you provide me with some links on anarcho-collectivism except wikipedia which isn't really reliable.

Cheers !
asked Aug 27, 2012 by anonymous
can you tag this question? Also, you might want to check out this question & the answer for the differences between a-commies and a-collectivists: http://anarchy101.org/2895/what-s-anarcho-collectivism
Yeah, it is sorta the other way around. It's according to need in communism, and collectivism is based on arbitrary accounting of value/labor time, etc. Syndicalism is more a method for self-organizing and abolishing capitalism on a mass scale, though at best is getting updated by modern A-Sers.

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"Anarchist communism differed from collectivism on only one fundamental point — the way in which the product of labor should be shared. In place of the collectivist and mutualist idea of remuneration according to hours of labor, the anarchist communists proclaimed the slogan “From each according to his means, to each according to his needs” and envisaged open warehouses from which any man could have what he wanted."

"[Anarchosyndicalists] shifted the basis of anarchism to the syndicates [trade unions], which they saw as organizations that united the producers in common struggle as well as in common work...When the state was paralyzed, the syndicates, which had been the organs of revolt, could be transformed into the basic units of the free society; the workers would take over the factories where they had been employees and would federate by industries."

- George Woodcock
answered Aug 27, 2012 by ForkFreedom (200 points)
Thanks George Woodcock. Haven't you been dead for some years? I'm surprised you were capable of posting.
Is there a more satisfactory answer? Why reinvent the wheel?
That's a fair point, I was just feeling sassy. Apologies.