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Why don't more post left anarchists make videos on youtube?

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asked May 27 by anonymous
edited May 27
I don't have an answer, but I can say that personally, the medium is not one I find interesting. I don't want to put my face on a phone or webcam shot video talking about things like PL@.

I discovered PL@ reading AJODA, Alternative Press Review, Fifth Estate, Green Anarchy (and Green Anarchist, which is where I actually first read Bob Black), and just generally becoming disillusioned with the politics of the left anarchists I was connected to.

Part of what made PL@ perspectives so important to me was the format. I had print things that I could digest over multiple readings, in a way I don't experience on the tubes.It may be a generational thing (I'm settling in to the reality that I am middle-aged, with some great degree of resistance), but I don't get as much from online media (video, text, whatever). If I want to really imbibe what something says, I need to have a physical copy I can note on or pour over again and again.

So mostly, if this were an answer, it is because PL@s are of generations that predate the web. Are you a PL@? Put shit up. I will watch, and critique (obvs). Post links at @news, but be ready for the trolls!

PL@ is more or less the unraveling of thought, which seems more suitable for books. It's just as much anti-left as it literally means "what happens after the dissapointments of the 20th century in anarchyville"

but in some regards youtube is very interesting, and would be more suited to some sort of PL "activity" rather than talks and conversations. Bob black is VERY rambling, and yeah he does have youtube videos. I fell asleep during the video but i found the writing to be challenging and provocative.

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