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Why don't more post left anarchists make videos on youtube?

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asked May 27 by anonymous
edited May 27
not an answer to the question (which is probably that post-left folks are a fairly small component of anarchists in general). but there's a youtube series called beer and rage or something like that that is by someone i would consider more or less post-left. fwtw

edit: also, post lefters probably skew older, and video is a forum more used by younger folks.

all just guesses though.
I don't have an answer, but I can say that personally, the medium is not one I find interesting. I don't want to put my face on a phone or webcam shot video talking about things like PL@.

I discovered PL@ reading AJODA, Alternative Press Review, Fifth Estate, Green Anarchy (and Green Anarchist, which is where I actually first read Bob Black), and just generally becoming disillusioned with the politics of the left anarchists I was connected to.

Part of what made PL@ perspectives so important to me was the format. I had print things that I could digest over multiple readings, in a way I don't experience on the tubes.It may be a generational thing (I'm settling in to the reality that I am middle-aged, with some great degree of resistance), but I don't get as much from online media (video, text, whatever). If I want to really imbibe what something says, I need to have a physical copy I can note on or pour over again and again.

So mostly, if this was an answer, it is because PL@s are of generations that predate the web. Are you a PL@? Put shit up. I will watch, and critique (obvs). Post links at @news, but be ready for the trolls!

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