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How should I respond to statists who say Government is the product of a civilized society?

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So far I can only put out driveling points about how the state is based mainly off of violence, extortion, forced contributions, brainwashing (yes).

Or I was thinking maybe I could argue that "playing civilized" and "being civilized" are two different things.
asked May 21 by BlackfireResistance (160 points)
welcome to the site bfr. :)
i would completely agree. "civilized society" is mass society, and i cannot see how mass society could exist without some sort of government and institutionalized hierarchical relations. that's a primary reason i despise mass society and i am fairly confident that it will implode on itself, likely with the help of some catastrophic events (that may or may not be directly caused by humans).

i agree wholeheartedly with funky on this one.  'civilized', in my book, is one nasty word rooted in colonializm and racizm, and tied deeply to the idea of 'progress'.  when people refer to civilization they refer to some of the most barren, hostile, hollow places i have ever visited, joyless and soul sucking. gnawing noises of cars and people and pollution, and the carrion cries of the ever circling Powers.  more miles of red tape than greenery, more empty homes than homeless people.  just so many boxes to put people in.
as an anarchist, self proclaimed, i stay far away from the defence of civilization.

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agree with them. then suggest they read ishmael, by daniel quinn.
answered May 21 by anonymous