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What are some possible scenarios in which an Anarchist society evolves into a state?

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After all, Anarchy is an organizational structure, and so is Statism. If Statism can fall, so can Anarchy.

These are my questions, provide a scenario for each:

  1. How can anarcho-communism fall?
  2. How can anarcho-capitalism fall?
  3. How can anarcho-pacifism fall?
  4. How can anarcho-collectivism fall?
  5. How can anarcho-syndicalism fall?

Please give me your scenarios, thanks

asked May 21 by BlackfireResistance (160 points)
not sure i agree that anarchy is an organizational structure. i think of anarchy as a way of relating with others. that does not imply organization or structure, to me. in fact, in my mind organization and structure fly in the face of voluntary dynamic, contextual relationships, which are the only kind i want and consider even remotely anarchistic.
There is no organized structure to anarchy itself. Anarchy is kinda like the absence of structure. The question assumes there will be a nation like entity for it to fall or collapse from. The question kinda begs the question. :/

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first, i agree with F@ that ANARCHY is not a structure, and of your list i wouldn't say any are necessarily structures (least of all anarcho-pacifism) though most of them imply a kind of structure. for example, syndicates and communes exist within capitalism, and presumably adding anarcho- to the front of any of them wouldn't change that.

but it sounds like you're imagining worlds in which each of these become a ruling model for how society works, barring other models, and then how that model would break down along inherent flaws that you're trying to identify. and you don't specify if "falling" means that they are not anarchist anymore, or if you mean that some other ruling paradigm takes over (i guess internal vs external contradictions or pressures is a way to say that).
if i'm correct in that assessment of your question, then i would say that they had failed when they became ruling paradigms that bar other models. that is, "ruling paradigms that bar other models" are not what i consider to be anarchist.

my understanding of what would work as an anarchist society allows people to choose what is best for themselves and their groups based on the scenarios they find themselves in, and not to try to run "other people's" lives or systems, however "other people" is defined in a given situation.

to get a better answer (from me, anyway), it would help for you to explain more what you think the structures are of any of the hyphens that you list, and also what you mean by "fall."
answered May 26 by anonymous