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Which book inspired you most

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On your path to anarchist living, which was the most inspirational book?
asked Apr 14 by DontShitOnMe

3 Answers

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i personally would use the word influential rather than inspirational. and no way i could pick just one, sorry.

i would say that my path from lefty activist thought to post-left, individual-centered, civ-critical anarchist thought was most heavily influenced by:

- a people's history of the united states (howard zinn)

- manufacturing consent (noam chomsky)

- future primitive (john zerzan)

- the story of o (daniel quinn)

- silent spring (rachel carson)

- 1984 (george orwell)

- brave new world (aldous huxley)

(i am forgetting a couple, i'll come back and edit if i remember).

and i have to say, as my mind was changing (absorbing new ideas and struggling with them), what was probably the most influential thing i remember reading was feral faun's "feral revolution". not really a book, just a small collection of essays. the resonance i felt was profound.
answered 6 days ago by funkyanarchy (12,120 points)
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The book i keep returning too is The First and Last Freedom by J. Krishnamurti.

This book shook me out of my stupor and challenged me to look at every aspect of life in a new way. Talk about an eye opener. The language may seem out of date, but it was published in 1954.
answered 6 days ago by curious bystander (640 points)
good call. i've never read the whole book, but i totally agree that jk has some spot on and useful things to say. i might try to find it now.
it's funny how osho has a book with the same title, and there was a documentary about his cult called "wild, wild, country", pretty entertaining!
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-Ishamael (by daniel quinn), first book i read that really impressed me in terms of social critique/getting you to think a different way, helped me understand high school misery a little better.

-a lot of writings by crimethinc. blew my mind around this time period, converted one my friends into being an anarchist.

-Enemies of Society, this one helped me understand what is wrong with leftist politics, and got me into stirner.

i chose these out of what specifically made me interested in anarchism, there are lots of books that have inspired me, which is why i continue to read, unclog some more gutters!
answered 5 days ago by Nihilist (-480 points)