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space for Anarchist organisation/online Praxis?

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i was considering making one, but i wanted to know if anyone else knew of anything like it first.

i was thinking of how the far right have the chans, stormfront, and other places where they can organise attacks, propose new strategies, focuses etc., and communicate. in fact, (as mentioned in NonCompete's video https://youtu.be/aqRCSzUTGcM ) you could fairly argue that the far right is better at anarchist strategies than we are, and i want to help change that
asked Mar 31 by Ari
im not sure i know of any such space, but i havent really looked.  i would be hesitant to organise anything of importance to me online, given how little i know or understand about internet privacy, especially anything that could be categorised as an 'attack'.  i feel like personally i would be more drawn to ftf organising with actual anarchists that i know /and/ trust.
i agree with shin, doing any such thing online is high risk at best. there is no such thing as internet - or phone - privacy, that has been proven time and again. burying such a site in the "dark web" or an onion domain may make it more difficult for the state and other adversarial actors - though nowhere near impossible - but it also limits your potential "allies" to those who can be informed about it... how? how do you inform people you don't know, without also informing those you don't want to know? (there are approaches that have been tried, but the only ones i know of that sometimes work require offline coordination anyways - book cyphers, etc).

blabbering egos are far and away the biggest cause of anarchist arrests and incarcerations. the internet is like graduate school for blabbering egos. just sayin...
@Ari its also probably important to keep in mind that a direct comparison between anarchist and the far right is less than ideal because the response from authorities towards the far right is almost always way more lenient than it would be towards anarchist/leftwing/radical -whatever- groups.

it would seem that the far right is able to get away with much more than anyone else, precisely because they do not challenge the fundamental powerstructures of the policing authorities.
indeed, shin. the far right is not, in fact, anti-state. much less anti-capitalist. any real comparison is pointless imo.

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