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To what extent do anarchists care about control?

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This has been a very serious concern for me since i decided to stop worrying so much about whether people like me or not. I do want them to like me, but at the same time...I don't! Being famous can actually make you more miserable, which is why I'm no famous.

It seems like when you start looking at things in terms of "society", you dramatically start losing your ability to move forward in life. Some might say this is some defeatist "defect" of mine, that I need to change the world. But the world is so damn big, in "society" there's so many moving components that if you really try to play the game by the rules...then...*dun dun dun*, "society" has you by the balls/vagina.
asked Feb 17 by Nihilist (-750 points)
it would help me if you could describe what you mean by "control" in this question.

for me, having individual autonomy is paramount, and is a primary driving force of my own anarchic desires/actions/etc. i do not have autonomy unless i have control over my own actions, decisions, etc. so in that regard, i care about control greatly.

the fact that authoritarian institutions and individuals want - and in many cases have - control over far too many aspects of life, is another way that control is relevant to me. the control those maggots want/have flies directly in the face of my own autonomy, and therefore control over my own life.

not sure if this is relevant, but i would point to science (and scientists) as a great case study for looking at how control (over others, over "nature", etc) is used.
nah man, 100% relevant, could work as an answer. I tend to get overwhelmed with thoughts real easy and that little orgasmic outburst/question was the answer to what i was feeling at the time.

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