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Anarchist flag symbolism

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Is there a particular reason for why there are all these color-coordinated flags associated with anarchism? What is the significance of the color in relation what it's representing? This is what I mean. Some are more obvious, like green anarchism, while others are not, like for the individualist one. What is the light blue/turquoise signify? I don't understand why there are so many when there already were two, the black flag and the red & black flag. Two is enough. It seems a bit silly to have like 15 of them. I thought maybe it was just a parody or maybe people LARPing as revolutionary street gang members representing their corner of the internet-hood, but now I'm not sure.

I don't get it. 

asked Feb 5 by Zubaz (4,120 points)
It is interesting to think about anarchist flags as symbolizing tendencies in relation to flagging in queer culture. I don't have a lot to say on it, but perhaps it can allow certain people to find each other? Honestly, I don't think anarchy works that way, as I tend to work most closely with folks who would flag differently than myself, doing so has challenged my ideological rigidity, and that is always good. So in short, the distinctions could be helpful and are bullshit, but I still love the black and green flag.

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on one level, it makes sense that since anarchism is so wide open in some ways that people would hyphenate it, and then make a graphic representation of that hyphenation.

on the more interesting and probably more important level, look at who is making those flags, and whether anyone is actually using them. to me that whole flag thing is a marketing exercise by some small subgroups to force people into boxes, which can then be represented politically. so it's a political exercise and a marketing exercise. (wait... is there a difference?!?!?! ;) )
answered Feb 5 by dot (52,800 points)
"...a marketing exercise by some small subgroups to force people into boxes"

could not have said it better myself!

FUCK FLAGS!!!! of ALL colors. if it looks like a label, and it walks like a label, and it smells like a label....

(except the pirate flag, which for some reason i still kinda like)