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Is it okay for Anarchists to have their own business in today's society?

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I'm still new to Anarchism and need to learn a lot more. I have a trade job but I also started re-selling on Ebay and other sites for extra cash and because I'd like to think it helps get clothing a new home rather than go to a third world landfill. I also use secondhand clothing to make new items and planned on making a business out of it. I don't think playing into capitlism is ideal for any anarchist but is it that terrible for anarchists to make their own business to survive?
asked Jan 25 by 302 (120 points)

1 Answer

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hey  302. so, i do think it might be interesting for you to check out other places where work is discussed on this site, where i expect the overwhelming messages are, we all make compromises because capitalism is (almost?) everywhere; it's up to you about where and how those compromises are; and pushing ourselves to consider and reconsider how we could do things differently is something that we mostly encourage.

now enough of the "we" :)

i will add some things too. i think it's interesting that part of the flavor of anarchists (certainly in the popular imagination) is that we're defined by being against things as well as by what we're against. if we're self-employed, then it feels a bit more complicated to say we're against work than if we're a more obviously down-trodden employee. but that's actually a significant difference between what could be called second wave anarchism, and first wave. if the first wave (emma, kropotkin, etc) had a more marxist understanding (ie class-based), then second wave responds to more modern situations, and is against work writ large, rather than the ruling class (for example).
answered Jan 27 by dot (52,800 points)