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Can anarchists who join others' action separate themselves from those who planned the event?

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Specifically, actions organized by Black people for calls for social justice are almost always planned to be non-violent/nondestructive. Anarchists (black bloc) have attended the actions and done property destruction. The originators are then discredited. Can anarchists speak out to be sure their participation was not part of the planned action? They tend to attach themselves to it. The origininators get the blame.

So, anarchists who act out in ways not consistent with originators can they:

1. Create their own actions calling for social justice separate from someone else plans?

2. If they use that same time & space, can they be sure they are known to be distinct from originators, that is not co-opting others work?

3. Learn how to cooperate w/o ending up dominating the planning?

I know no individual talks for a group or other individual, but I think the intrusion in to carefully planned actions is unfair. I would not see it as very live & let live as I imagine anarchy to be.

Thank you for your input.
asked Jun 11 by zz (180 points)

another interesting read is an interview done by studs terkel of an ex-grand cyclops of the kkk. off topic and totally not anarchist in any way, but still interesting. it's in the book, working.

I am giving you the wrong impression then.

For example, one protest was concluding. People were disbursing. *Then* someone acted out and the cops let loose.

I Think (for some reason when I type here the word after "I" as the first word gets capitalized. Weird.) the cops use the slightest reason to let loose. If any one is going to create the chaos, it should be the people leading the action. Esp, it shouldn't be white people who won't suffer the consequences as much. I think that is my key point through out. I as a white person need to know my actions as a white person  may cause negative consequences to Black people. That is a frustration I have seen on voiced social media

I Am aware that sometimes it is the cops themselves or the people in cahoots who will cause the chaos. In Ferguson, it was said that the cars that were on fire were likely set by the people who owned the cars. They could blame the fires on the "rioters" and claim the insurance. Still, it is the Black people/Black Lives Matter that will get blamed and discredited and the stereotype reinforced.

I know you didn't want to flash your credentials. Mine obviously are limited. I am the enthusiastic fresh blood in this area.  Never been an activist, likely won't be. Tend to work better behind the scenes.

IMOBIESH= in my opinion, be it ever so humble.
APpreciate the suggestions. I Downloaded the one by Churchill. It is 89pp PDF. I assume that is the full work. Or no? No promises on the Terkl one. No promises on the Churchill one but more like since it is so easily accessible.
"pacifism as pathology" is certainly an interesting book, even though I don't see violent revolt as being particularly effective either except maybe in certain circumstanses.

A lot of what inspires me in ferguson and baltimore about people in the ghetto smashing shit is they doing it out of therapuetic enjoyment, responding to their extremely stressful social situation by saying "fuck this, fuck everything", even if it doesn't gain them anything politically. I think the game of trying to gain anything politically in this system is a complete joke. The socio-economic system is so powerful because power/authority is omnipresent and decentralized, which is why what has ultimately happened for civil rights is that blatant racism has become an impersonal institutional racism...and you ultimately can't harm unfeeling institutions in the same way that you can harm an animal, so politics is just thoroughly stressful and frustrating, none of the people controlling their positions willing to budge as long as their paycheck depends on it...

@zz"White men, which most of you are, often have no problem taking charge when they have been invited to join in. ... I as a white person.

You kinda jus proved your own point unintentionally. ;)

 mentioned in a few posts of some protests. Could you explain which protest you're where or heard of and the day it occurred? Like which city and date you are meaning *i.e state city,) and roughly the time these protests were happening and stuff? I'm of the understanding/impressiono youantnneapolis, MN?. 

I would try comment further but I need a bit more about the protests you are meaning. That probably came off weird against.

I'.ve never read on one of the books dot mentioned, except How Nonviolce Protects the state by Peter Geraedloss and read it and it's a good a good book.mThat's how I heard about it from dot or someone else of this site.I personally like the book about civil rights movement call This Noneviolent Stuff'll Get You y Charles Bonns jr.

@nihilist, you live th dc/bmore protest for the's donnald inaurgration?  I didn't go, but did watch Dubya put a pancho o his head. I saw on the news there were a bunch of people that had didn't have sign say not muh president.  Obama: Deporter in chief was relectated, i did go, that one  The deporter in chief didn't speak to much to seeing if he could break him pervious record of how many people he could deport in one year and hold hundreds of thousands people in one giant poerapotty ecause it was because they all were violent criminals and rapists, according to 

obama. anyone would say something. Then they got into a fit would trump said th same exact thiny..

This is compleltly irrelevant. But watch Trump getting into twitter battles rappers or movie starts are funny.

If an of this seems werid. I wass coming or bathsit some wicked shit thta lsted too lonh . But my migraine I was having went awat so yay wirh it. goodspeed., so that good.

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