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Is there such a thing as rape-culture?

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This is a term that has been used a lot by modern feminist movements, and I want to inquire what y'all think of the term. In my completely unqualified opinion, I would say there is one but at the same time there isn't. The nature of pornography and prostitution shows that there is such a thing, the fact that sex is very often viewed as dominance and submission, but at the same time, in order for a culture to exist it has to be somewhat openly shared. I can imagine there are very few conversations among men that sound like "ah man, raping that bitch last night was great! Have you raped anyone this week?". It would seem that even among the more misogynistic men, it would still be unsettling to admit that you raped someone....

asked Apr 18, 2017 by Nihilist (-540 points)

 Clearly, I haven't thought in those terms. Can you tell me your thoughts on this?

I Thought I wrote a reply to this. Maybe in another question?

Anyway, can you tell me about your reasons for not using  the word "culture" or other words that you don't use?
zz, sure....it may take a few back and forth responses with you for me to explain, so perhaps we could do it through the PM function here....unless more people feel inclined to read our conversation. :)
Not sure why a PM is necessary. If we are talking about the word/concept of culture - - the presence or absence of it - - it seems like a very good discussion to have among @s or potential ones.
okay, i'll stick with just why i don't use "culture".

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