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Could someone explain how platformism isn't authoritarian in nature?

The idea of  the "executive committee" and it being chosen by a majority to "guide" doesn't seem too compatible with anarchism to me. So, that confuses me and seems like it's a government type of entity.

The idea of  "collective responsibility - the entire Union will be responsible for the political and revolutionary activity of each member; in the same way, each member will be responsible for the political and revolutionary activity of the Union,” seems horribly inefficient and with the idea "theoretical and tactical unity" seems to imply that one is to submit their will to others (i.e. the union and executive committee). This also confuses me on how it's not authoritarian in nature when it seems to imply it is.

I could be way off on platformism, but that's how it comes off to me.
asked Jun 6, 2015 by Zubaz (4,060 points)
I can not explain how platformism isn't authoritarian in nature.

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perhaps a platformist will come here and answer this, but in the meantime...

i think the argument is that the platform seeks to operate "in this world," which requires compromises. so some of the things that are taken as unavoidable are large groups of people who don't know each other well but who have to make decisions together. also it's expected that people will continue working in roughly the same way that they do now (but will not have bosses: they will make their own decisions--via committee).

so if you take all that as being immovable, then what is the best way for people to make decisions?

that's as far as i can go down that road. it makes my head hurt.
answered Jun 7, 2015 by dot (52,530 points)
beyond my initial snark, I personally find this question interesting due to it being an example of people trying to create a way of being in the world as it is. My very favorite subject to think about right now is how I am with both my ideals and the world that I live in, and where the tensions, contradictions, and compromises are in all of that. Platformism is simply a contradiction/compromise that I've never been able to stomach.